Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adam Sandler is a Thief

Maybe not Adam Sandler directly, but I still want this on the record somewhere:

Here is the link to a new comedy courtesy of Universal Pictures, just released on July 20th, 2007: www.chuckandlarry.com. It’s the side-splitting tale of two straight guys pretending to be gay and married so that they can reap the benefits, featuring Adam Sandler and what’s his name from the King of Queens.

What the hell is his name?

Kevin James. That’s right.

We at date-nite posted this on our website back in October of last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P13-SzoObk. It’s about two straight guys pretending to be gay and married to reap the benefits.

I know that the process of making a movie, unlike having a baby, takes much longer than nine-months but still, come on. How does this happen? Not only that, but this is a premise that my friend Aaron and I were kicking around in the parking lot of his apartment complex about a year or so before date-nite even existed.

My Dad used to say that when good ideas (or in this case, relatively good ideas that may or may not become mediocre full-length feature movies) are created, it becomes possible for someone completely unrelated to have that same idea through some mystical force called the spiritus mundi. It’s as though the moment an idea is generated it becomes available to the collective imagination of humanity. It sounds like a whole load of hocus pocus crap, but the explanation was invented to describe those phenomena whereby other people have the exact same thought as you at roughly the same time.

So maybe that’s what happened. Or maybe the movie executives bugged Aaron’s car. I don’t think I would mind so much if “Chuch and Larry” wasn’t a 3.6 of 10 on rottentomatoes.com. Can’t we do anything without Adam Sandler and Kevin James ruining it?


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He had done something that is meant to be wrong for the person which had been involved. It sure was something that is meant to be the same like you have been telling about it.