Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everyone Needs A Blog!

I hear that back in the day if you wanted people to read your writing you had to convince someone to publish it first. You'd have to type everything out into a manuscript and send it off to publisher after publisher and then wait for long periods of time to hear back even on a rejection. Pretty soon, you'd be collecting those rejection letters like they were stamps.
Not so nowadays. Today you can hop on the Internet, snag yourself a free blog and start typing to your hearts content. Before long, you're reaching people in different countries on different continents.
The nice thing in this day and age is that the Internet has made widespread self-expression more accessible to the masses.
The downside is that the Internet has made widespread self-expression more accessible to the masses.
Pretty much any bigoted ignoramus with access to a computer can start cluttering the public webspace with sports predictions, half-baked political manifestos and suggestive and inappropriately sexual comments (not that I'm complaining; I intend to fill this blog with all of that drivel and more). But I'm not planning on trying to impress anyone with my inflated sense of my own intellect. I'm not going to flatter myself into thinking that anyone really gives a goddamn what I think or have to say - I mean who the hell am I? Some twenty-five year old no-named slacker living in Chicago. I wouldn't care what I think if I were you either.
But this isn't really for you (no offense - I like you very much). At the time of writing this entry, I think I've told only one person about this blog. This venture is more an attempt to keep myself writing as much as possible. After all, if you want to be a writer then the best thing you can do for yourself is write. And that's what I want to be. So, if anything I write on this blog turns out to be amusing, bonus. If not, well at least I'm writing something.
Okay, enough drivel for the night. Thanks for reading.