Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My One Week Anniversary!

Well, it’s my blog’s one week anniversary. I’ve come up a little bit short of my readership goal: that everyone in the world reads it on a daily basis. Currently, I can only confirm that three people other than myself have actually taken the time to visit. So that leaves me about six and a half billion people short of the goal. Maybe by my one month anniversary I’ll have a drastic increase in viewership. It may also help if I told people that the thing actually exists. Whatever; I’ll get around to that eventually.

For those of you who have not done so yet, I would highly recommend starting a blog. It’s a good chance to vent or to throw out ideas or what not. It’s also nice because with a blog you have a place on the Internet where you can go and read your own words. I’m such a geek. I read my own stuff all the time. It must just be the magic of seeing my own words put up where other people can read them. I imagine it’s like having your own published novel or play, except in this case it’s immediate gratification.

And it’s good practice for those of you who like writing and who want to get better at it. Nothing helps to that end like daily practice. Maybe I’ll start throwing up little fictions or whatnot.

If you’re lucky, I may even start penning poems again. I stopped writing them when I realized that most of the poetry I was writing was sappy sentimental bullshit. I also realized that writing bad poetry is not a difficult thing to do. My poetry writing phase coincided with my bitter love-stricken college days, so that might have been the problem. The nice thing about poetry is that it really allows you to play with language, which I seem to have forgotten.

At any rate, for those of you who read, thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the occasional entry. Keep stopping by. I’m not planning on quitting any time soon.

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Joe Janes said...

Congratulations, Nat! I would love it if you posted the worst poem you have ever written. Especially if it's bitter and love-stricken.

- Joe