Wednesday, August 8, 2007

40 + 49 = Headache

Well, my work life is about to become a whole lot more difficult.

One of the other project managers is terminating her employment with this company today. Guess who’s picking up her orders? Have you figured it out yet?

That’s right. Me.

I don’t want to bore you with all of the intricately ridiculous telco babble involved, so I’ll just say this: I currently manage 40 orders. Effective tomorrow morning, I will be responsible for 89 orders. That’s more than double the daily crap to slog through. If you see me cowering or balled up under a desk over the next couple of weeks, you now know why.

So, I apologize in advance for any posts I may put up complaining about T-1 activations, LECs and the overall idiocy of AT&T. Rest assured that, if I post something like that, that I am only temporarily out of my mind and will return to some semblance of normalcy once we hire a new hand.


GW said...

Are we correct in assuming that this will mean a proportional 122.5% increase in the amount of times you mention AT&T in one of your sketch-comedy scenes? Because if so, you're about to get a whole lot funnier.

Unknown said...

you can count on it. i'm working on a full length play called "AT&T-tastic" it's a tragedy.

GW said...

Coincidentally, I actually have a [rejected] scene entitled ASStastic. No lie. And I will never ever make you read it.