Friday, August 24, 2007

The Great Storm, Part I (Probably)

It was a violently rainy day yesterday. By that, I mean large metal trashcans moved away from the side of apartment complexes in the back alleys. I mean trees laying in the sidewalks. I was trying to fashion a floatation device out of old cereal boxes and duct tape. When that didn't work, I started gathering up every piece of wood that I could find so that I could build a boat and every pet that I could find so that I wouldn't be lonely in the post-storm world.

Seriously, though, winds were like 80-90 mph, trees were leaning sideways with the wind and rain. It looked like what I imagine a large tropical storm would look like. At work, the power was browning out occasionally. At home, I lost power twice.

Of course, it could have been worse. My girlfriend's parent's basement flooded. When she called me last night (I was huddled in the corner running through the Rosary) she was frantically driving from store to store trying to find a generator.

But luckily, the storm has subsided. The weather currently is cloudy but calm. The forecast today?

"Showers early with strong thunderstorms developing by the afternoon. High 79F... Rainfall may reach one inch. Flooding is possible in flood prone areas."