Thursday, October 4, 2007

What I Will Be Thinking About All Day

This might just be the strangest little article I've ever read:

From WSOCTV in South Carolina.

Apparently, a man by the name of John Wood lost his leg in an airplane crash but has been keeping the amputated leg so that when he dies he can have it cremated along with the rest of his corpse. Somehow, his amputated leg ended up in a barbecue smoker. The smoker was sold at public auction to another South Carolina genius, Shannon Whisnant, who decided that he wants to charge people to come see the disembodied leg.

As a man who often keeps all of his most important items concealed in my oven, I can certainly empathize with Mr. Wood. One would hope that other people might respect the protective sanctity of one's cooking apparati and have the decency to return the valued possessions, legal documents etc. contained therein to their rightful owners. On the other hand, if one wants to auction off one's safe, one might want to make sure that the safe is completely empty first and, oh by the way, WHO KEEPS THEIR FREAKING LEG IN A BARBECUE SMOKER?

These are the important, hard hitting questions that I need answered, damn it.

At least I can look forward to laying awake tonight thinking of ways to rationalize this story.


Anonymous said...

I guess I will buy you a couple of vodka tonics. I really want to hear these stories.
*Abe Lincoln

Unknown said...

Abe Lincoln, you can't fool me; you're dead.

Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...


Anonymous said...

You are incorrect. I am alive and well and I live on the corner of Clark and Wellington. I need to hear these stories.
*Abe Lincoln