Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I Put This On Virtual Layaway?


Virtual Chaise Lounge stolen from my virtual home at 2:00 AM Virtual Standard Time.
Chair looks like this...
... only virtual.

Will provide virtual reward for any virtual information leading to the virtual recovery of my virtual property. Please call my virtual telephone at 555-3456 with any virtual leads.


Apparently there are people out there who use the internet for something other than blogging and looking at kinky animated pornography from Japan. I know. It surprises me too that such people exist. But they do. And those people have created a space for themselves on the internet where they can interact with similar-minded people all over the world in a virtual environment.

Habbo Hotel is one such environment. At Habbo Hotel, users are allowed to purchase furniture (virtual furniture) with their own money (real money) to keep in their online homes.

But alas, even in the fake world of the internet, crime runs rampant through fake streets and hides in the fake shadows of the world wide web's fake underworld. If you are interested, you can read this example from the BBC News website.

Because apparently Dutch teenagers are stealing virtual furniture from innocent people. Goddamn it; not even my made-up property is safe anymore! DAMN YOU DUTCH TEENAGERS!

I've been racking my brains trying to decide which is more ridiculous:

(a) the fact that some Dutch kid is not only wasting his time stealing virtual items as if there were some sort of black market for furniture but that he was subsequently arrested (like, real arrested not virtual arrested) by the real police or...

(b) the fact that there are people out there willing to spend money on a piece of furniture that they can't actually sit in.

Maybe the fact that I actually need to use my money for real things (beer) skews my opinion on the matter, but does virtual furniture strike anyone else as the worst investment ever to exist in the history of mankind?

It's probably just me.


Laura said...

That's it! I quit. Why in the world am I going to waste my time working and making a career if there is people in the world getting rich with people' stupidity?
That insults my intelligence.
IQ sucks.

Crump said...