Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Tidbits of Information

A Couple of Pieces of Information:

(I) The comedy writing class I've paid so much money (so much...) to attend is finally getting ready to cast for it's writing level 5 show. For those of you students at the second city training center (or alumns) who are interested in giving up your lives to do a sketch show, we are holding auditions on Monday, Dec 3rd from 6:45 to 10:00. To sign up, call the Training Center Office at (312) 664-3959 to sign up for a time slot.

(II) Clever Title has received it's 1,000th visitor! Does this mean that 1,000 people have seen the site? Of course not. It means that the same three people have visited the site 1,000 times. Thank you, stalkers, for your interest, and congratulations to you, visitor whose IP address begins with 208.46.38.###! As a celebratory gift, you shall receive my gratitude (monetary value of nothing, not redeamable for cash).

(III) Last week, to keep my mother from accusing me of being a hobo over the Thanksgiving weekend, I got a hair cut and trimmed my beard. This morning in Chicago it is 28 degrees, although it feels like 16 degrees. Right now, I miss my fuller beard terribly. The beard hairs form a webbing that keeps my cheeks from falling off of my face however, because the hairs are now so much shorter, I've already lost one cheek and the other is threatening to move to Maui.

Tomorrow, I shall to write an entry of substance. This typically means failure and disappointment, but I'll try anyway. For the moment, I'm going to look for a thermal blanket.


Joe Janes said...

Hey, Nat - You may want to mention that W5 actors have to be current students or alums of the training center. Nevermind, I just did. Who's your W5 director? How's it going?

Unknown said...

Ah! I forgot about that. Spike's my director and it's going pretty well.

Anonymous said...


I am feigning a comment to actually trick you into getting back in contact with me. Now that I have your blog, I can be one of the four stalkers who check it.

Hope all is well!

Love, Laura MacLean

Unknown said...

Laura MacLean! Do you have my email address? Does my sister have yours?

Crump said...