Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Thankfully It's Tuesday!"

For my international readers (all three of you), this week is a short week here in the good old U.S. of A because of a little holiday we like to call Thanksgiving. For those of you who don't know or have forgotten, this is a very significant holiday where we give thanks to our ancestors for deciding long ago to put a major national holiday on Thursday, thereby effectively handing all of us a four day weekend.

As a result, though, all of the clever little nicknames that we give to our workdays (like, 'Hump Day' for Wednesday, etc.) no longer. TGIF doesn't really work for a week that ends on Wednesday.

Well, don't worry my children. I have the solution (yet again). I would like to take this opportunity to propose a new workday catch phrase: "Thankfully It's Tuesday!"

Obviously, this doesn't work for your normal workweek. Who gives a damn about Tuesday when you're looking at three more arduous days until that brief glimpse at freedom? But on a short work week, Tuesday is like the new Hump Day.

Why not "Thankfully It's Wednesday," Nat? Because when everyone has Thursday off, nobody actually does any work on Wednesday. Oh sure, we'll all show up tomorrow, and we'll sit at our desks. But rest assured that we will be hiding Minesweeper behind our Microsoft Outlook window and spend most of our time shopping on the internet for rare collector's edition Star Trek plates.

So "Thankfully It's Tuesday" it is! Hopefully, we'll start hearing people shout it out on the street. "Man, Thankfully It's Tuesday," or, "T. I. T., am I right?"

Maybe if we're lucky, we'll see network programming on Tuesday nights, like the old TGIF evenings from long ago. There will be a nifty jingle, something to the effect of: We're gonna have some fun/ show you how it's done/ T.I.T!

Pretty soon, you'll see chain restaurants popping up all over the place named specifically to celebrate and capitalize off of the "Thankfully It's Tuesday" movement. The large red signs of the acronym T.I.T. will be all over the place. T.I.T. will become synonymous with huge and expensive fruity drinks. People will affectionately nickname the restaurants "Tuesdays." Wait, no... I think people use that for Ruby Tuesday's already. Maybe there's another affectionate nickname in there somewhere....

I'll have to think about that one.

Rest assured, though, that in a couple of years T.I.T.s as a whole will become very popular.

Hey, anyone want to join the Pen 15 club with me?


Laura said...

It's similar to Easter days here in Argentina. Last working day is on Wednesday, but "Don't kid me!" (says my boss) the amount of employees who call to say they're ill on Wednes' to have an extra hollyday day off.
Do they take him as a dumb using the same old trap of years ago? I don't think so. Believe or not, the human body defenses decide to make a strike that day. It's not our fault, that's in our genetic code.

Crump said...