Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unholy Holy Night Dinner

One of the most important events of the year for my extended family in Michigan is the Christmas Eve dinner. It is so important that they plan the dinner well in advance, anywhere between a month to two months ahead of time, and usually they plan the meal around some sort of theme. We've had German Christmas dinner, Italian, Polish, Mexican and countless others. This year we are going with Cajun, which will feature as the main entree something called a Turducken.

What the hell is a Turducken?

A Turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed inside of a deboned duck which is then in turn stuffed inside of a deboned turkey. It's a dish popularized by New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme (here's the recipe) who is also well known for his specialized seasonings and his passionate yet torrid love affair with butter.
Here's a picture of freshly sliced Turducken:

Any vegans reading this blog are probably retching right now.

Unfortunately, I will not be home to sample the Turducken on Christmas Eve. I have to work that day. But I do look forward to hesitantly trying the leftovers once I do make it home. I like turkey. I like duck and chicken. They are all poultry. There's no reason why I shouldn't like Turducken.

Still, I have this vague feeling that something is cosmically not right here. I wonder if this is what Christmas is like on the Island of Doctor Moreau.

At any rate, I'll let you know how the left overs turn out.


Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...

You're joking, right? Please say you're joking. Is this going to be another year that I have to go to Taco Bell before Christmas dinner like the year we did Russian food?

Unknown said...

It could be good. Right? Maybe?

You may want to get a little Taco Bell just in case.

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