Thursday, December 13, 2007


Good lord is it a busy day today. It's the kind of day where you just want to take five minutes and retreat to your happy place. Unfortunately, the closest thing I have to that right now is this blog, so you're stuck with this.

I wanted to take the opportunity, though, to thank those of you who find this site by googling the following:

"World of Panties" (user is from Warsaw, Poland)
"Clever Panties" (user is from Greensboro, NC)
"My Girlfriend in Panties" (user is from Atlanta, GA)
"Panties Pirates" (user is from Chicago, IL - oh, wait! That's me! Damn it....)

I sincerely wish I could supply you with all of the panties pictures you could ever possibly need. Unfortunately, I don't wear underwear and I generally refuse to have my picture taken without pants on. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Perhaps one day I will have an uncharacteristic change of heart. For now, you're stuck with blog entries like Foray into the World of Panties.

Okay, enough drivel for now. Until later, my lovelies!