Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Michigan Coaching Update

I wanted to take this opportunity to address some questions regarding my candidacy for the University of Michigan's coaching position.

It has come to my attention via the media that my alma mater has "hired" a supposed "name" coach as the new figure head for the University of Michigan Wolverines Football Team. The media (and the Michigan AD and the President of the School) would have you believe that they have hired Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia, a man who has a record of 60 wins to 26 losses and who basically invented the spread offense.

If this were true, I suppose it would be a fantastic hire.

However, I wanted to let you know that despite this "news," I have still been in contact with the University regarding my candidacy for the job.

Now sure, you might want to quibble about what "in contact" means. For some, "in contact" means receiving calls from the higher ups and meeting in Toledo, or being "announced" in person to the U of M staff. For others, it means calling in to the Literature, Science and Arts Department's admissions line and leaving angry messages because people are too busy to call you back. Whatever; I'm not here to argue semantics.

The point is that in the realm of college coaching, of which I have been a part for approximately one week, people often say one thing but do another, and nothing is certain until that contract is signed. And even then, who knows? Look at Le Smiles! He said no to the University over and over again and yet people still thought he was going to take the job. Hell, for all we know, he still might.

So until Florida's ballots are properly counted and the supreme court has ruled, rest assured, dear supporters, my hat is still in the ring.

Go Blue.