Monday, December 3, 2007


***I wrote a blog entry about what I honestly thought about a certain show, An Aerosmith Christmas, and it has since been requested that, since I was not asked to write a review by the Annoyance Theatre, I take down that post. Normally, I would say "Fuck you, it's my blog and until people have to pay me to read this shit, I will do what I want." But, in this particular circumstance - for the love of Christmas and in the interest of good kharma for all - I'll be a good sport and take the post down until they are done selling tickets.

Still, kind of a shitty deal, huh?

Happy Holidays,

-The Management***


Unknown said...

This is Sam Weiner, a cast member and the creator of An Aerosmith Christmas. I read your review before you took it down. I'm not sure what prompted you to remove your review, but I would strongly encourage you to re-post it. You are entitled to your opinion, and we are not in favor of censorship in any form. I do not believe that anyone associated with our show asked you to take down your review, but if they did, I would ask you just as strongly to re-post it. Thank you.

If you have any questions, my email address is slweiner(at)gmail. com

Unknown said...

Hi Sam,
Thank you for your statement. I ultimately decided that, in the interest of my own Kharmic good (I do shows occasionally too), it would be best to leave it down for now. Thank you, though, for supporting my right to express my opinion.

Crump said...