Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Happy Slutty"

I would like to take this oportunity to thank all of you friendly visiters who accidentally happen upon this site while searching this infernal "interweb" contraption for something completely unrelated to myself. In particular, I would like to thank that citizen of Vaxjo, Sweden who found me while searching "happy slutty."

Most likely, you were not looking for my Halloween post decrying the rampant sluttery of the season. I can only imagine what you were hoping to find when you stumbled in. Maybe you were just looking for jovial pornographic materials.

Or, maybe you were hoping to find another human being who shared interests with you, both "sluttiness" and "happiness," in the hopes of striking up a long distance relationship. Afterall, Vaxjo, Sweden is kind of a small town. Maybe happiness and sluttiness are frowned upon in the more conservative corners of rural Sweden. Maybe you're the son or daughter of the town's stern Lutheran preacher who only lets you out of the house on select Swedish holidays, like waffle day (March 25th - it's coming up baby!), but even then you must be escorted at all times and you are forbidden to talk to members of the opposite sex. As a result, your only recourse is that one part of your world that your overbearing parents cannot control: that infernal "interweb" land. So maybe you were reaching out in the darkness for a like-minded lonely soul.

Then again, for all I know "Happy Slutty" could be a brand of Swedish soap.

Whatever the cause, I want to thank you for your visit. I sincerely hope you found whatever it is you were looking for though, admittedly, you probably did not.