Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Impending Arctic Chill

I woke up this morning and it was a nice, mild 40-some degrees outside so I figured, "Hey, today would be a nice day not to wear my long-johns, and maybe only put on one or two shirts," instead of using my normal layering procedures typical for a January day. I did not bother to check the weather this morning because (A) I don't have access to the weather channel or, for that matter, any television channels at home, and (B) I can't check the internet because I have this nasty habit where I wake up the moment that I need to leave the house to be at work on time.

Well, today I'm kicking myself because, after my nice stroll to work through the abnormally spring-like blissful warmth, I sat down at my computer to check the weather and lo and behold I am screwed.

Today's High? 51 degrees. Tonight? 5 degrees and snowing?! Oh yes, and a red banner at the top of the webpage that screams "SEVERE WEATHER WARNING!!!"

"Severe Weather Warning?" I said to myself. "But it's so nice out. This can't be possible." So, in disbelief, I checked the hourly forecast which, in Nostradamus-like fashion, cryprically details the coming wintery apocalypse. 1:oo PM 49 degrees with wind. 2:00 PM 38 degrees, thunder showers and wind. 5:00 PM 21 degrees and snow... blowing snow. Winds at a healthy 29 mph.

From there it only gets worse. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't typically take my lunch at 2:00 (thunder shower time) and leave work around 6:00 (snow... blowing snow). I briefly considered setting up a cot here at the office and just waiting it out, but that's not a very appetizing option. So, if anyone sees an underdressed bearded man collapsed in a snow drift between Lincoln and Mildred on George street, that's probably me.

Meanwhile, Katie is in Orlando, Florida today. Sunny, high of 71 degrees.