Friday, March 7, 2008

Drivel: Donuts=Good

No cohesive single thought today, so I figured I'd just offer up some more random pieces of drivel:

(A) Interesting question on the comment section of yesterday's post (yes, i linked it even though it's right beneath this post - deal with it). Joe, a friend, sketch comedy practitioner and fellow blogger, seems to think there's no harm in doing our writing level 5 show as titled (the God's Must Be Swayze) despite the fact that Patrick Swayze was just diagnosed with cancer. The group consensus from the writers is that the title will need to be changed regardless, but I wonder what the rest of you people think would be acceptable, given the circumstances. Go ahead and leave a comment. I'm curious.

Bear in mind, the poster is a knock-off of the famous Sistine Chapel panel of God touching Adam's finger. Both faces are replaced with Patrick Swayze's mug. Thus, you have two Patrick Swayze faced characters in a heaven-like setting on the main advertising for the show.

Leading candidate for the replacement title: Lasers from Heaven

(II) My sister pointed this out when she was trying to remember the address to this blog.

Wow. It's like my anti-blog.

(3) I'm becoming consumed with my distaste for Hillary Clinton. I've been able to keep this distaste under control for the most part, but lately it's becoming harder and harder. I don't know if it's the 3AM phone call ad fiasco, the fact that she sites her own foreign policy experience that doesn't exist, the amount of Muslim questions which conveniently spiked once she decided to "throw the kitchen sink" at Obama, the fact that Clinton forced the "resignation" of an un-paid Obama adviser for calling Hillary a "monster" (off the record, by the way, in an interview with a UK newspaper) because of the fact that she's pulling all of these sleazy underhanded political tricks (aka, acting like a monster), or the nostalgia for the so-called "Golden Age" of the Clinton years (which, I don't know if I missed something, but all I remember from that period is learning to distrust politics for the first time), but it's depressing me.

(D) You know what doesn't depress me? Donuts.

Hooray! Hooray Donuts!


Anonymous said...

Alternate titles you may consider: 1) The Gods Must Be Daisy (replace Swayze with Daisy Duke); 2) The Gods Must Be Maisy (storybook mouse); 3) The Gods Must Be Pacey (from Dawson's Creek). But if you change the name of your show and Daisy, Maisy or Pacey gets cancer, you will pay.

Crump said...

I don't think there is absolutely any problem with "The Gods Must Be Swayze". In fact I say you call the show "Patrick Swayze Has Cancer" and leave the flyer pic as is. Your show name has absolutely no bearing on his cancer or how his treatment goes or anything at all for that matter. If anything its paying homage to him. Why in the hell do people suddenly get so frightened by things like this? Quick - everybody hide from the fact that Patrick Swayze has cancer and maybe it'll just go away! Absolute bull I say. If the name of the show was "Patrick Swayze Has Cancer And I Hope He Fucking Dies From It" then I could possible see merit in a name change, but "The Gods Must Be Swayze" is simply a fun little play on words that doesn't hurt anyone. I don't see how it can even be construed as offensive, except perhaps by the religious right for seeing it as comparing Patrick Swayze to the Lord (and that is stretching at best). I would go as far as to invite those that think the name "The Gods Must Be Swayze" should be changed to something else to eat my shit on a cracker.