Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lasers from Heaven

Well, it's official. After a meeting of the braintrust for our writing level 5 show last night, it was decided in a 4-2 vote that "The Gods Must Be Swayze" will be dropped as title of the show in favor of our new title, "Lasers From Heaven."

I know, I know. We Swayzists were outnumbered. What could we do? We were only two.

So all references to Patrick Swayze have been dropped from the show in the interest of being sensitive to his situation. It actually isn't that big of a change. The poster was replaced by an old mock-up from the beginning of the process, a couple of lines have changed in the show and the program cover art had to be changed. I also have to make a couple of changes to the sound design to accomodate an entirely different 80's celebrity. I'm happy that we didn't end up going with bits of Swayze songs for the transition music. I would be screwed.

Now that we've had our tech rehearsal and I really only need to do some quick tweaking to the sound design, I now feel like I can take a moment to be excited about and even a little bit proud of the show.

Again, show info is to the left. Come out and see us if you get the chance.

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