Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Autobahn To Hell

I love the British press; even when writing sordid and creepy tabloid garbage they're still such accomplished writers. Here is an example of an article about Max Mosley, a Formula 1 Racing Kingpin, and his love of Nazi-themed sex orgies.

I knew absolutely nothing about Max Mosley or racing prior to reading this, but you really don't have to in order to appreciate the article. It's long but beautifully written and worth the read. It's like you're actually watching the video! Go on. I'll still be here when you get back.

While this is the kind of funny where I really don't have to say anything afterwords, I'll add one little observation before I go:

I've often wondered why people would bother to videotape their creepy sex fetishes. It seems like inevitably the tape is going to get leaked somehow, so why would you keep video evidence of your creepy perviness laying around, particularly if you are a public figure of some sort? Is it a cry for help? Are they hoping to get caught?

But, after reading the intricacies of this particular pervy outing and all of the production aspects involved in pulling off an authentic Nazi death camp orgy, I think I understand now. After all of that work to get the proper costuming, to teach five prostitutes German accents, to find an acceptable dungeon-like facility, wouldn't you want record of that? I mean, pulling that off is a true accomplishment of poor taste.

So thank you, Max Mosely. Your dedication to offensive Nazi-period perversion has made my day. You silly little sick fucker.

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Anonymous said...

I can always tell GOOD writing when PERTINENT verbs, NOUNS, and ADJECTIVES are put in caps.