Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Am Obsessed With Fake Trees

We have roughly a week and a half until the RVD show goes up, and I'm getting to that point in the process where I'm becomming completely obsessed with the show.

A couple of things contributing to that:

(1) I volunteered to "build set" which, for a sketch show, you would think might involve, well, absolutely nothing. But since we're trying to put more effort behind this than your average run of the mill three-week-production-time sketch show this involves building a tree. It's a tree that I designed myself, bought all the supplies for, and am constructing in my tiny studio apartment.

There is approximately enough room for me, the tree and my bed. I've had to move everything else out into the hallway and put "do not steal" signs on all of the important stuff.

(2) It dawned on me suddenly that, since I'm acting in the show, I need to actually know my lines. This is a normal prerequisite for acting in a show - every actor is supposed to know their lines - so I can't say that I'm surprised. Still doesn't change the fact that I need to sit down before tomorrow (the rehearsal where we are supposed to be off book) and make sure everything is properly crammed into my head.

(3) We as a group are trying to put together the props and everything else so that the cast has some time to actually practice with everything. We still need to get an armchair of some sort.

(4) Since the Writing Level 5 show ended, I have no other shows going on right now.

(5) Consequently, I have worked on some aspect of this show for six of the past seven days, whether it's been rehearsing, running around pricing stuff, or building.

(6) Also, my girlfriend Katie is out of the country with her family on a family vacation to Mexico. So, I don't have her to talk to about things that are not show related.

So now I'm at the point where I feel like the show is constantly in the back of my mind. It's even seeping into the blog. Look! It's seeping right now.

But the nice thing is, I was sitting around my apartment last night taping foam core to wooden dowels and stuff, and it dawned on me: I actually like this. What the hell is wrong with me that I'm sitting here, my kitchen table leaning up against the refridgerator next to a pile of discarded scrap foamcore because I needed room to build a seven foot tall fake tree, and I'm having a blast?

Now I just hope people come to see this thing.


Anonymous said...

look, now your site-o-meter will say someone from mexico visited your site, by the way, some members of the family are WORKING, and you are welcome to talk about the show and only the show and nothing else for the duration of the run and reference it briefly, but longingly and/or lovingly in conversation up to one year following the final performance.

Unknown said...

My apologies. The more accurate sentence, "Katie is in Mexico with her family, where most of the family members are on vacation, though not all as at least one is working and others may be assisting from time to time" didn't quite have the same ring to it. I took some liberties with the facts, and for that I'm sorry. As recompense, I promise not to bore you about trees once you come home.

Anonymous said...

trees are hot