Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Drivel

Good lord I've been busy lately. Just so everyone knows I'm still alive and surviving, here's a couple of drivelous thoughts for the weekend:

First rehearsal with props for Greatest Stories Never Told... TOLD. It went about as well as could be expected, considering the huge amount of props we had. We also got postcards for the show too, so if you see me ask for a post card. I really want people to come see this. Why, you might ask? Is it because I'm really proud of the show? Yes, but... if nobody shows up to the show we'll also have to pay the theatre for the time. So obviously, it would be ideal to sell some tickets.

Katie got back from Mexico Saturday night so, deciding to play the good boyfriend for a change, I went to pick her and her brother up at the airport. I got to hang out in the International terminal among a crowd of people waiting for their friends and loved ones to arrive.

Some people are just smelly.

I remember back in the day where you could wait at the gate. There was something nice about seeing your loved one come of the plane. When I was a little kid, that's how we greeted out dad when he came home from business trips. It beats the hell out of sitting in a herd of people waiting for whoever to come out the gigantic sterile white automatic doors leading out of the baggage area.

I'll say this much: you could definitely tell the people getting who just got back from Mexico from the people who just rode the seemingly 200-hour flight from London. The Mexico-departees were all tan and smiling. There was even one elderly lady with a sombrero perched on her head being wheeled around in a wheel chair. The London-departees came out the doors, looked out at the drizzling weather, and probably thought they had turned around and landed back where they started.

After that, we all went to see that Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie. It was funny. Not the greatest movie ever in the history of movies, and there was a disproportionately larger amount of man genitalia than I normally like in my movies, but still a good time.

Sunday morning I finally finished the tree I've been building for the show. Hopefully it hasn't fallen apart since yesterday....


Anonymous said...

nat! here is where i officially thank the united inflight magazine for providing me with such an ACCURATE horoscope for april 20 - yes please!

Anonymous said...

Two things:
1) Since when are you put off by man genitalia?

2) Does the tree resemble woman genitalia?

Unknown said...


Excellent questions. Here are the answers:

1) Not "Put off" but "distracted."

2) Not yet, but once I make these new additions you've just inspired, it should.

Anonymous said...

"deciding to play the good boyfriend for a change"

For a change? Are you kidding?