Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Appeal For Calm

Dear everyone,

I know it may look like finally, after months and months of slogging through the morass that is political campaigning, that the country has it's two choices for the Presidency wrapped up. I realize after last night's vote that it finally looks like Senator Clinton will pack it up. I know many of you are already moving on to deciding which of two remaining people are least likely to completely destroy the country over the next four years.

I know you're tempted to take a quick sigh of relief and then get on with it.

But please remember, so long as there are ratings to be had and even the tiniest glimmer of perverse hope that through complete and total destruction Clinton can still pull this thing out, that we are unlikely to see this whole thing wrap up any time soon.

So, instead of going overboard organizing that ticker-tape parade, I say take a quick breath, grab a bucket of popcorn and hang out for the next month or so.

Hey, Pistons are in the playoffs! That should last us for a little while!



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