Friday, June 13, 2008

Congratulations Nessie

My little sister Vanessa graduates from Kalamazoo College this weekend.

My older brother Don (Gibby), my sister and I went to the same small Grade School and Middle School when we were growing up. I was a grade behind my brother. My sister, who is four years younger than me, was in the fourth grade when it came time for me to 'graduate' from Middle School and move on.

On one of the days leading up to my last day there, our tiny little school held a school assembly as kind of a send off for those of us about to head out into the scarringly painful world that is High School. I can't remember too much of what all happened, but I remember that there was a portion of the send off where the kids in the lower grades were allowed to ask questions or to say something to us, their older friends. So my sister stood up and one of the teachers introduced her as my sister and asked her what she wanted to say.

She looked me dead in the eye and told me, in front of everyone, "You're not as funny as you think you are."

It's one of the great moments from our collective Topping childhood.

Because of our four year age difference, whenever Vanessa has hit one of those big educational milestones I've always been distracted by my own. When she left Grade School for High School, I was graduating High School and going to college. When she graduated from High School to go to college, I was graduating from college. But now I don't have anything to distract me so I can really concentrate on my sister's big day.

I wonder what her graduation ceremony will be like. I wonder if there is a question/statement/roast portion to it. I wonder what I would say. Would I look her straight in the eye and say, "Get a job" or will I think of something worse to say between now and then?

Yes, now I can really concentrate on my sister's big day.

And how to ruin it.

Seriously, though, congratulations Nessie! I'm proud of you.

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