Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frivolous Thought of the Day

Frivolous Thought:

I used to joke around with dining mates and pretend their food was alive by giving the food voices.

They go to eat their Chicken McNugget, I say in a falsetto voice 'cluck cluck no no please don't eat me cluck cluck no!'

I thought it was funny in a sadistic sort of way. But then I stopped to think, what if that really was the case and your food could talk to you? Like, all of it? Normally whenever I did the falsetto food voice it was only for one food item. If it were real life, I could probably power through eating just the one talking chicken nugget. If I was hungry enough.

But what if every piece of food on your place had a voice?

Imagine eating a salad and every stick of carrot, every leaf of lettuce or slice of radish had a voice and they were all imploring you not to eat them? Imagine a chorus of little food voices begging you not to eat them. How fucked up is that?

I don't know if I could still eat. Or, if I could, I don't think I would enjoy it as much.

I wonder if that's how Godzilla feels?

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