Thursday, July 3, 2008

11:00?! That's It?!

Well it's the work day before a holiday which means that I will spend most of today trying to will time to move faster. So far, despite developing a "time chant" and building a tin foil hat for myself to maximize my psychic potency, I have had little success. And my coworkers are starting to look at me strangely.

Maybe if I spin my chair counterclockwise I can affect the Earth's rotation and speed up the day by some fraction of a second....

There's no doubt about it, though. There's nothing worse than being trapped at work with the prospect of a long day off looming. It just makes the day longer.

If I can't work this speeding-up-the-space-time-continuum thing, my other option would be to try and convince the bosses to let us - or at least me - go early. This is a tricky dance, though, because you want it to seem like there's not enough work to be done but at the same time avoid looking like you're avoiding work.

On pre-holiday days past, I tried sighing loudly and shouting 'God, I wish there was something for me to DO on this day before (whatever holiday is next up), I wouldn't be so bored.' However, this tactic opened me up to extra busy work to get me to shut up.

'Funny you should say that, Nat; we were thinking about changing the whole filing system for the office....'

Today, I'm thinking about maybe just staring in a catatonic state and see where that gets me.

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