Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Whole Year's Worth of Blog

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The blog you are looking at is today officially one year old.

It seems like only yesterday when I decided definitively to pollute this magical Inter-Web Spacenet with my inane ramblings. And now here I am, one year out and looking back.

For those interested, here's the original post entitled Everyone Needs a Blog!

It's been a good time. I'd say I write anywhere between two to five posts a week, which is about as close to consistency as I'm likely going to get. I'm up to four people who regularly read the thing. And, the most important part, I get to pretend like I'm a published writer.


So, thank you four people for reading. I hope you'll all come back. While you're hanging around, check out some of these other blogs that I read all the time:

Joe Janes' Bite and Smile

Don Hall's An Angry White Guy in Chicago


RVD Chicago

And for my Michigan Sports Fix, MGoBlog


Joe Janes said...

Happy Birthday, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday? Happy Blogday? Happy BirthBlogday. Is this a national holiday?

Speaking of national holidays, I think yesterday should be declared a holiday of some sort, because the day after the MLB All-Star game is the one day of the year with no major sporting events (sorry cycling and WNBA fans). No MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA or NASCAR. In the absence of sports, I think the holiday should be called "Talk To Your Wife Day." Or maybe "Look At Porn Day." But msot guys probably already refer to Look At Porn Day as "Every Day."

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Enya's assassin,

Get a blog.


Anonymous said...

alright nat!