Monday, July 7, 2008

Patriotism, Pepper and Professionalism

Well, it's July 7th, which means that America's weekend-long birthday celebration extravaganza is over and those of us normally shackled to a desk five days a week must return, heads bowed and hands outstretched, to our masters the good businesses who provide our livelihood.

But, as we whittle our finger tips away writing emails, typing reports, punching phone numbers and giving our bosses the finger behind their backs (not my boss of course, in case he is accidentally reading this, but the proverbial bosses at other less awesome companies....), let us not forget to take a moment out of our torturously long day today to give thanks for this past weekend.

I was fortunate enough to spend the three day weekend with my girlfriend and her family in the north woods of Wisconsin. While there I relaxed, slept, read medieval literature like the nerd I am, watched two fireworks displays - one professional and one not so much, ate some surprisingly good pizza, and finally kicked a fish. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. Hopefully, you all had your own similarly enjoyable holidays.

There is a temptation when you have a blog to write entries around the national holidays, particularly the Fourth of July, that are statement posts. Some will write grandiloquent essays expounding on the greatness of our nation, calling us to support our troops and the government, etc. etc. That's fine. Others will choose to highlight our negative past and present, to point to the damning sins of our nation, call for the heads of our leaders, etc. etc. I have no problem with people doing that too and, as a blogger, I am also often subject to the enticing promise of making a statement in front of an audience, albeit an audience of approximately three people.

But it was after all a holiday and, instead of worrying about all of that issues stuff, I just kind of took the time to enjoy my life. There will be plenty of time to debate politics. For as loaded a holiday as it is, for me the Fourth of July is less about our political differences and more about the fact that, despite our national faults and successes, I like it here.

Sappy. Yech.

So for today I'll just be thankful that over 200 years ago some backwoods crazies got together and gave the finger to their boss - to his face - and as a result we now get an extra day off every year.

And now it's back to work.

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