Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sex and the City: Yeah, I Saw It. So what?

Wanna fight about it?

There comes a time in the life of every boyfriend or girlfriend - actually more than likely it will be several times - where you suck it up and go see a movie that you know you won't really appreciate but you see it anyway because your significant other wants to see it.

A couple months ago Katie did me the favor of seeing the new Indiana Jones movie even though she knew that the plot was going to be flimsy, that the action sequences would be over the top and that Harrison Ford was going to be old. But she did it anyway because, damn it, I wanted to see that movie. And she didn't want to put up with me moaning about not seeing it.

This last weekend, I returned the favor, sucked it up and went to see Sex and the City.

It wasn't that bad.

Oh sure, maybe I was a bit confused to begin with because, although vaguely familiar with the premise, I never really watched the television show so I had no idea who was what at the start of the movie. And sure, maybe the charm of a girl's weekend or of library weddings and the like are lost on me. And, okay, maybe all of the designer names just sound like funny made-up names to me and I can't really appreciate the clothing, shoes or purses because I wear the same t-shirts I wore eight years ago.

That said, there was just enough to keep me interested. And I'm not just talking about naked breasts and the occasional brief sex scene, although that does usually make up a good chunk of enjoyment for any captive boyfriend. I'm talking about the tiny female dog that loved to hump pillows. That's classic funny.

So, for all of you fellows on the brink of seeing the movie but holding back on principle, I'm not going to advocate capitulating and sacrificing your principles. I'll just say that the humping dog is funny and leave it at that.

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