Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some People Are Just Jerks...

...you know what I mean?

It's come to my attention that someone in my comments section took issue with yesterday's post and decided to write a whole blog about my blog.

I guess when your last post was June 3rd and it was about hand puppets you must be grasping for things to write about.

Normally, I wouldn't take time out of my busy day to bother responding to this kind of trash blogging, but today I'm actually not so busy. So let's take a quick look at his post, cleverly titled "No, Nat's Batman!" No need to click on the link, as I will save you the pain of sifting through his tedious scribbling by posting the only pieces worth reading.

Basically, he rambles for a little bit about who I am and why he reads my blog all the time. Then he reposts my entire post from yesterday - real original - and then adds this little gem onto the end:

"Hey, big spoiler, Nat said something really unique that no one else has said
and that no one will ever say again, and that's how great Heath Ledger is as the
Joker. Whoa! Can you believe he stepped out on a limb like that and gave such
laud and honor to Heath Ledger? Gee whiz, I sure hope the whole world listens to
Nat on this one so that everyone will stop talking about how awful Heath Ledger
is in The Dark Night!"

I can't tell if he's being sarcastic because he never writes in his blog so who knows what he's actually like?

But supposing he is trying to be sarcastic, then how original, "GW!" Way to take my statement and really turn it around by saying that I'm not saying anything new (yes, this is sarcasm). Is that all you got? Guess what? By reposting what I already wrote and then writing that other people wrote the same idea, you're not writing anything new either. TIMES TWO! Oh, and guess what? Heath Ledger's dead. Way to be insensitive, prick!

Then, he has the gall to write this:

"If you want my humble opinion, don't waste your time reading his blog today if
you're planning on seeing the Batman movie anyway. Don't rely on Nat Topping to
feed you your own opinions about this movie."

Humble opinion? Really? By 'humble' do you mean 'stupid?!' How about I feed my opinions to your face?! Using my fists like they were forks?

I did not want to do this; I never wanted my blogging to come to this. I always said I was going to stay above the fray of petty bickering, but sometimes you get these big jerk faces who come in here and want to rip on your blog because they don't have their own opinions and it just makes me so angry. If it's war he wants, then come get some.

If "GW" didn't have a baby-face and a smile like a golden rainbow, I would smash his teeth in.

P.S. Do me a favor. Go to his blog, I'm So Tired and leave him a comment letting him know how much of a jerk-faced a-hole he is.

Whatever happened to Madge Fairwell?


GW said...

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GW said...


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Anonymous said...

Nat, you really bust my gut. Best laugh I've had in a while. Thanks.

Tarky Fensington said...

Nat, do you even know this guy? If so, why? There's always gonna be someone trying to ruin your fun... don't worry, I put him in his place.

Please keep blogging, it's honestly fantastic to enjoy some form of you thousands of miles away and so many years from when I was lucky enough to hang out and work and write with you.

Now, as a copy editor, I might have something to say about your use of it's vs. its... but that's for a different day.


Unknown said...

Hey Jenna,

I actually kind of like the back and forth posting with internet miscreants of this type so, as far as I'm concerned, let him have at it. Besides, it gives me something to blog about when I have nothing else to blog about. So really, I should probably be thanking him.

I appreciate your spirited defense, though. Take that 'GW!'

Also, I appologize for not having my Chicago Manual of Style on me at all times while I'm blogging. I should know better.