Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekly GW Asks, "Is That All You Got, Punk?!"

As you regular readers may or may not know, apparently there's some jerk out there in the blogosphere who is getting his jollies by "reviewing" my blog. By reviewing, he means making snarky comments and providing an insulting ranking system with which he demeans my posts.

Hey, it's the internet. It's free speech (for the moment) so if he wants to spend his time being a big poopie-faced jerk-nob let him knock himself out.

That said, though, I'm going to take a day out of my week now to respond to this jagass.

Well, this Monday was a busy day for our favorite internet curmudgeon because he posted three entries. This is crazy productive given that he's been known to go entire months without posting anything (or, entire years without posting anything interesting).

His first post, Ground Rules For Critiquing Nat's Blog, systematizes the methods by which he will make a jackass out of himself for as long as he's latching on to my blog. I'm particularly a fan of the Rating system where he comes ever so close to being clever with "*** = I puked a little, but it stayed in my mouth." Hilarious! Oh GW, your urbane and sophisticated wit never ceases to amaze!

Alas, he falls short from there on out with the rest of the post, by both explaining why he failed to criticize my blog last Wednesday (If he hasn't posted by 2:00 then I'm free of my self-imposed daily obligation to make snide remarks) and why he will fail in the future (If I don't post it's because I really hated Nat's blog and not because I'm lazy). Way to set the bar nice and low, my friend!

Speaking of lazy, his second post of the day, Nat is In a Richard Simmons Rut, criticized two blog entries from last week in the same short post in which he says about two unique things. Wow, GW, slipping already?

His final post for the day was a review of a review of a show that I saw where, unfortunately, this odious GW person was also present. His post is mildly amusing, however by far my favorite part was the comments section where I wrote:

"Also for the record, I could smell you from where I sat. If there was one thing I did not like about the show, it was your loathsome presence in the audience. I did not include that in the review, however, as I can hardly blame the cast and crew for your refusal to wash yourself."


He also reviewed yesterday's blog in which he implied that a robot would experience rage by reading my blog. Nonsensical? Yes. Maybe a stretch? Yes, probably so. But let's not fault him too much. He was probably tuckered out from Monday, when he wrote three blog entries and changes his background layout twice.

FYI, you can check out Greg's post on this post here, where he includes a picture of people in front of mirrors, as well as a picture of his favorite childhood companion.


Anonymous said...

There is a guy who dedicates his whole blog to criticizing yours? That is kind of flattering. Can we move on to weird drivel instead of the continuous duel?

--Pat "I dont know who this GW is, and I dont care" Sinclair.

GW said...

Hear hear, Pat! I, GW, am not asking to engage Nat, and yet he insists. My site is designed to let readers such as yourself know when Nat's blog is worth reading. This particular post received a 2-star rating from me, which is "almost worth reading".

I personally would rather hear about how his presidential campaign is going (a campaign on which I was also on the ticket -- see Tuesday, August 28, 2007 -- but I was rudely booted on June 4, 2008 when Nat announced "Giant Flesh-Eating Bacterium" as his running mate. Heck of a way to find out.)

Unknown said...

I just thought "Giant Flesh-Eating Bacterium" would bring more to the ticket.