Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sports Curse #2 - The Return of Sports Curse

For those of you who don't know, college football is only 11 days away.

Given that we have yet another sport's season starting up, I figured I would go ahead and drag out a little used feature of Clever Title called Sports Curse.

For those of you who need a refresher on Sports Curse, click here. Essentially, since I can't seem to mention a sports team on my blog without them tanking badly (see Michigan's Appalachian State loss of last year) I've decided to use the power of this blog for evil only.


Some of you may be surprised at who I've picked, given my own college football team preference.

I am not cursing Notre Dame. No, their coach Charlie Weis has already done that for them. (Side note, did you know that Charlie Weis earned a bachelor's degree is speech and drama from Notre Dame? What does that tell you?)

Nor am I cursing Ohio State. The reason for this is two fold: (1) when my chosen team beats them again, it will be so much sweeter knowing that they did so without the benefit of a curse, and (2) they can't seem to win the National Championship anyway despite making it to the game twice in a row.

I briefly thought about cursing West Virginia, as payment for a long and drawn out contract dispute regarding a certain coaching hire. But that team will likely collapse in on itself within two years. If it hasn't, I'll consider imposing a curse.

No, I've decided on a completely different team from all of these. So here it is, friends.

SPORTS CURSE #2 - The USC Trojans

"The Trojans are, like, totally awesome because they're always like the best at everything they do and they're like super talented and guess what, they get to live in Southern California which is, like, totally super cool. And even though they're only ranked, like, 3rd in the AP poll which has to be the lowest they've been ranked in like years or something, I totally think they're going to win another National Championship because Pete Carroll, who's like their totally hot coach, is super awesome."



Anonymous said...

I am not sure that it works like that, Nat. I think you actually have to want them to win.

Unknown said...

That would be what the bottom paragraph is for, but thank you for your concern, Mr. Sinclair.

Anonymous said...

But you are a different character in the last paragraph.