Monday, August 25, 2008

Wait, Badminton is an Olympic Sport?

For someone who has barely watched any Olympics at all this year (not that I'm boycotting per se so much as don't have television), I've talked about it a surprising amount. I guess this is testament to the ridiculousness that ensues when you get people together from all over the world.

This latest bit is courtesy of Cuba where apparently a Cuban taekwondo athlete kicked a ref in the face.

Not that I blame anyone for accusing China of fixing the Olympics or anything. Their women gymnasts were all 12 year old girls crossbred with Spiders, and their Gold Medal Men's Singles Badminton player (that's an Olympic sport?) turned out to be a robot.

Still, when you need freaking Fidel Castro to vouch for you, you know you probably did something ridiculous.

This should also teach all of you young parents that taekwondo is probably not the best anger management lesson for your children.

"Eat your vegitables!"


One of my favorite parts of the article is when Castro blames the lack of Olympic-caliber Cuban boxers on "the repugnant mercenary actions" of promoters. By "repugnant mercenary actions," Castro clearly means such actions as 'owning your own iPod' and the promise of 'not living in freaking Cuba.'

Oh Cuba. When will you ever learn?

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