Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Kind of Self Respecting Evil Empire Cheats at Gymnastics?

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't give a damn about this little scandal. The only difference now is that:

  1. This happens to be an Olympic year, which is the only time when anyone actually cares about Gymnastics.

  2. China is the last big (evil) Communist country.

  3. I haven't written anything since Tuesday and I am desperate.

But regardless of whether or not you think China is evil there's no way in hell that this chick is 16 years old. I mean, look at her.

I'm no creepy perv, but come on. Even I can tell that's jailbait. By the way, her eyes are closed because it's way past her bedtime.

Who cheats at Gymnastics?

Is there a prize that I'm unaware of for getting the most medals at an Olympics? Do you get like an extra vote in the Security Council or 10% off your meal at the UN cafeteria? If that's the case then maybe I could kind of understand cheating in your own Olympics by entering underage wunderkids. Kind of maybe.

But Gymnastics?

Oh China. I shake my head disapprovingly at you.

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