Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Writing Process

Typie type type type type type type. Read, read. Typie type type. Backspace. Backspace backspace. Think. Typie type type type.
Stand walk walk glass fridge water drink walk sit read.
Typie type type type type type.
Sigh. TV TV TV TV TV sigh. Off.
Typie type type type.
Clock: 2:35 AM?!
Save, power off, clothes off, lights off, bed.
Stare. Stare blink. Think. Stare blink stare.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, this post is probably a better read than anything you typie type type on a regular basis.


Unknown said...

Get your own blog.

Joe Janes said...

I think you distilled the whole writing process into that tiny post. All the books on writing are shams!

But not the classes. Keep taking writing classes!