Monday, October 27, 2008

Paintball Wednesday

I don't consider myself to be a violent person.

That said, when given the opportunity by the company to take a day out of this work week to go out into a field and shoot paintballs at my bosses and coworkers, I immediately said yes.

Have I ever played paintball before? No.

Do I have any idea how much it stings to get hit by one of those suckers? No, why do you ask?

Am I even athletic? I mean, there's a lot of running around and stuff. I'm just going to end up painfully reminded of how out of shape I am. Was I aware of that when I signed up?

No I'm not athletic. Yes I was aware.

Sure, it may be that I do not believe in running and sure I'm a 6'3" monster so it's not like I hide very easily. I also haven't shot anything resembling a gun since boy scouts. But the immediate benefits, which include:
  1. Skipping work for a day for a company sanctioned event
  2. Drinking beer for free during aforementioned company sanctioned event
  3. Getting a shot off on a sales agent before being mercilessly pummeled with paint

...Outweigh any negatives.

So that's going to be Wednesday. Provided I'm not too busy catching up on Thursday, I'll let you know how that went.


Crump said...

Playing paintball made me realize that if I was ever in a war I would be dead in about 5 minutes. The paintballs do sting a bit, and every now and again you get hit by one and will just want to die from the pain. The whole experience was terrifying for me.

Unknown said...

oh good. thanks Geoff.