Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our bus hit a guy on my way to work this morning.

After standing in the aisle for a couple of blocks, I had just managed to wrangle myself a seat (I'll punch an old lady in the face in the morning, I don't even care) when the bus driver hit the breaks and the horn. I heard a loud 'thwack!' and someone up front shouted 'Holy Shit!' We stopped, the bus driver opened the door. I saw some dude stand up - he looked like a high school kid - replace the buds from his ipod back into his ears, and walk off apparently uninjured.

I guess the guy had stepped off the curb and the freaking driver was talking on his cell phone (there's got to be some sort of CTA code violation for that) and didn't notice him until too late.

So, we sat at the bus top while the bus driver called in to someone at the CTA. This was at Armitage and Halsted. Then he made us all get off the bus. Then we all crammed on to the next available bus, which was of course crowded.

I can't complain too much. At least I wasn't hit by a bus today.

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