Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Ho!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I ate probably eight pounds of stuffing and slept for a good half of my time home. I hope, dear readers, that your holiday was as restful as mine. I also hope that your travels were significantly less painful than driving home through Michigan Wintery Apocalypse.

Today I've returned to the office to find that Chicago is blanketed with snow and that the air is electrified with the palpable stress of buying presents, making travel plans and preparing for further visiting with family. That must mean it's nearly Christmas time!

Hooray Christmas time!

I've been holding off on thinking about this most wonderful time of year as much as possible. As a rule, I try not to pay attention to Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. It seems like every year, the Christmas onslaught starts earlier and earlier. This year, they were selling Christmas bobbles along side Scream masks. What the hell? I can't celebrate a day devoted to dressing up like a slutty demon along side of the birth of baby Jesus!

Can we just do the one holiday at a time, Hallmark? Please?

But now here we are, with Thanksgiving neatly tucked in the past, standing fully in December, and there are no more excuses. It's time to dust off those holiday decorations and steel yourself for a month's worth of Christmas music. I will be putting my head down and pushing on to Christmas eve, which is the last day of the current year that I'll have to work.

Onward to Christmas!

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