Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vote of "Snow"-confidence

Yesterday it snowed less than 4 inches. It snowed less than 4 inches starting at roughly 11:00 AM in Chicago and ended in the evening.

Maybe my perspective is skewed because I'm from Michigan, a land known for its cars (for the moment), bad football and snow. But under 4 inches over the course of the late morning and afternoon should not bring the world to a standstill.

Particularly in Chicago. I can understand in Texas or something, where snow is so rare that they're likely to think its nuclear winter. But in Chicago? In December?

And yet it did. Despite having a good six hours between when the snow started and when rush hour traditionally begins, the roads were atrocious. Six hours to throw down a little salt on at least some of the major roads. Something.

I got a ride home from a coworker, it took an hour to go what normally takes like thirty minutes. We traveled Lake Street, Lake Shore Drive, Belmont and I walked Halsted and Wellington and saw only one plow the entire time.

Not cool, Chicago. Not cool.

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Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...

At least you aren't in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where not only do they throw buckets of HOT WATER on the sidewalks en lieu of SALT, but where your host father won't come get you when you are stranded a half-hour tram ride away from home in the crime-ridden neighborhood that you work in and where even the residents warn you not to hitchhike. It took me 2 and a half hours to walk home that night, and when I got home, my host father "proved" to me that he "tried" by showing me he still had his boots on. AGH!