Monday, January 5, 2009

Arizona - A Quick Recap

At the start of the New Year, I was sitting in a Waffle House somewhere off of the highway east of Phoenix. There was a gas station next to the Waffle House. Across the street from the gas station was a chunk of desert. I was with Katie's family and we were sitting at the counter eating a very late dinner. On the jukebox was Oye Como Va. Our waitress looked up just long enough from mopping the floor to say "Happy New Year."

It wasn't the flashiest New Years moment, but a good moment nonetheless.

Also, their hashbrowns are great.

Some quick things I loved about the trip:
  1. The weather. When I left, it was 30 degrees in Chicago. I sat on a plane for four hours and when I got off it was magically 60 degrees.
  2. The scenery. Beautiful and just as you would imagine Arizona should look. Clear skies, gargantuan cactus, buttes (a term which I refuse to pronounce correctly for childish reasons).
  3. Katie and her brother and I went to the Phoenix art museum - because it ain't a trip without some sort of museum - which had a really cool modern art collection.
  4. We also saw Lewis Black perform on New Years Eve. He was quite funny, and his opening act was from the 'D.'
  5. Katie's parents place was very nice, which made for a very restful and relaxing couple of days.
  6. Food was great. They have In-and-Out Burgers in Phoenix. They are awesome.
  7. Did I mention Buttes?

Things I liked maybe not so much:
  1. The flight to Phoenix. We left a good four hours late due to a weather delay in Buffalo, NY of all places. Consequently, I said some very unkind things about Buffalo, NY which I now take back. Buffalo is a fine city. I just needed somewhere to vent my frustrations. Buffalo, you can expect an edible flower basket and a 'forgive me' card shortly.
  2. I had to overcome my inherant fear of being so far away from fresh water.
  3. Making right turns in Phoenix. Katie was pulled over by a motorcycle cop because she made an illegal turn into a 'bus only' lane. Of course, the 'bus only' lane was not marked 'bus only' so if you were not from Phoenix you would have no idea. The cop let us off with a warning - not because he wanted to be a nice guy but because eight cars made the exact same mistake as us while we were sitting on the side of the road.
All in all, though, a very good time.


Crump said...

I want my edible flower basket NOW!

Anonymous said...

Buffalo sucks.