Friday, January 23, 2009

"There Is No Mercy... In Girls Basketball"

A couple of odds and ends for your Friday entertainment.

Oh Texas...
...Y'all take your high school sports way too seriously. The latest proof comes by way of my buddy Pat. I'd synopsis, but you really should just read the article.

Return of Robo-Bloggers!
One of our new years resolutions at Robot vs Dinosaur (which include such gems as resolution #8 "Stop crying so much" and #22 "Try not to touch that so much in public") is to actually do something with the blog this year. To that end, each of the seven writers have picked a day and are supposed to write something every week. My day is Monday. You can check out the Robo blog here.

Kharma Plug:
Speaking of Robot vs Dinosaur, we have a new writer named Catherine Monahan and she has her own little slice of internet out there. Her blog lives here. Go check it out if you have the chance.

Oh no! Vampire kitty!

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