Friday, February 20, 2009

AH! Friday!

My favorite day of the week, aside from Saturday of course. Or Sunday morning/early afternoon.

A couple of tid bits for you before you start your weekend.

Robot vs. Dinosaur, Round 5! Coming Soon!
Hey, my sketch group was picked up for a time slot at Donny's Skybox at Piper's Alley (the student theatre for Second City). Dates and times will be Fridays 4/24 - 5/22 at 7:30. We're planning something a little experimental - kind of a chance for us to take a look at some new sketches and new talent - so it's exciting. We'll have more info and audition notice information out soon, so check back.

Speaking Of, Have You Been Going to Robo-Blog?
I hope you have because if not you're missing out on some comedy. In addition to info about upcoming events for Robot vs Dinosaur, you can find daily postings by our writers as well. Check it out here.

Speaking Of Speaking Of, Completely Different Website...
...that was recently shown to me by Mr. Geoff Crump called This Is Why You're Fat. It's interesting to see what people are willing to eat.

Finally... an addendum to my post earlier this week about the Alex Rodriguez steroids scandal comes this revelation that not only is he a steroid user and a liar, but he is also a liar who used steroids.

Wow. Consider my mind blown.

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