Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elevator Vignette - The Dog Walker

I’m standing around waiting for the elevator to show up on the first floor. Standing there with me is this guy wearing track pants and a winter coat. He has a dog with him, one of those little toy dog terrier types, on a leash. He’s brushing the slack of the leash across the dog’s head. I’m looking at the lit call button next to the elevator door.

“Watch this,” says the guy. I look over. “Watch this, he hates this.” He takes the slack of the leash and rests it on the dog’s ass. The dog scampers away, clearly as upset as a cuddly cute dog can get. “He hates having his ass touched.” The guy does it a couple more times. “Look at him, he’s walking sideways he hates it so much.”

I smile politely. I’ve never been a dog person since I’m allergic to them but I also typically don’t get off watching people pat their pet’s ass either.

The elevator arrives and we three get on: the track pants guy, me and the dog. The door closes and we stand together in early morning silence. The guy and I look at the dog, who pants and waves his tail. A couple of moments go by where we don’t say anything.

“You know, people really seem to love these things,” says the guy.

“Well, he is very cute,” I offer.

Guy nods. “It’s not just that, though. I mean, you see them maybe ten times a day and ten times a day they’re happy to see you.”

I nod back as we reach his floor.

“Unlike pussy,” he says as he and the dog leave the elevator. “Have a good one.”


Chris Othic said...

Sir Nat,

I believe you omitted the words "And Black Out" from the end of this post.

Chris Othic said...

Dude, BTW, did you realize that Janes' took your link off of his blog? Did you do something to offend him? I mean, he's got 25 links to other blogs. Either you made him mad, or he no longer thinks your blog is as good as at least 25 other blogs. Plus, he seems really busy with this 365 Sketches project, yet he took the time to remove your link from his blog. What is up with that? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!

Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...

I almost just spit out a mouthful of chewed-up apple.

Unknown said...

Chris: I'm still there but he moved me onto the RVD Blogroll. Also, I miss "Enya's Assassin."

Ness: I'm glad.

Joe Janes said...

I didn't remove his link, you ass. I moved it. RvD has its own section, now.