Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Foolishness - February... Fritata?

Sometimes I try too hard for the alliteration.

Hey, it's Friday! Not only that, it's the last day of February, which means that spring is only a week to two months away, depending. Or else, it was already here and now it's gone again. I don't know. The weather has been pretty messed up lately.

Anyway, a couple of quick things for you today:

For Those Actor Types in Chicago looking for something to do, we're auditioning our upcoming sketch show next Wednesday. Slots are still available at 5:00 PM and we may be adding some slots for the 6:00 PM as well. Here's the post from earlier this week if y'all are interested.

Speaking of The Show we have a title: "Run, palindrome, nuR!" Part of me worries that it's a little egg-heady but we laughed the first five or six times we said it in our writer's meeting so it stays. I'm actually pretty excited about the show itself. It gives us a chance to use some of our favorite sketches that just for one reason or another haven't fit into our previous shows.

Speaking of Shows In General I recommend seeing the Second City Etc. show Brother Can You Spare Some Change. Too lazy to do a review or anything like that, but I thought it was quite funny and certainly funnier than the last couple of Etc shows I've seen.

And Finally, a picture of a drunken space monkey:

Why? Because I love you.

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