Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday and the Blasphemous Movie Concept

Hello Gentles,

It's Friday and the steady stream of coffee pulsing through my circulatory system is pretty much the only thing keeping me awake at this point. Here's some random junk to get you through the blog today:

(1) Blaspheme!! I realize that remaking old classic movies into new mediocre slush is in vogue these days (A la Pink Panther) but this? A new Three Stooges movie?! Starring Sean Penn?!

Is nothing sacred?!

(2) Speaking of Movies: and modern versions of classics, here is the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, which was one of my favorite books while growing up. Directed by Spike Jonze too. Unlike the Stooges abomination, I might actually see this one.

(3) This Week's Crazy Europeans Making Gigantic Phallic Symbols Award: goes to this little caper. Something tells my the gargantuan painting of a cock and balls was not part of the original blue prints. Oh you crazy Europeans.

(4) Shameless Plug Time: April, May and June will be a busy couple of months for me (in a good way). I have a sketch show courtesy of Robot vs Dinosaur coming up called ¡Run, palindrome, nuR! that will be showing Fridays, April 24th – May 22nd at 7:30.

Then, starting May 16th, I'm going to be in Measure For Measure with the Promethean Theatre Ensemble. That's right - someone's letting me do some serious acting again. Poor fools.

I'm updating the events sidebar dealy today with some information and will update with more as that becomes available.

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