Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Subway - Eat Me

Anyone else tired of the Subway "Five Dollar Footlong" song? The song and the commercials, swear to God, can't get them out of my head. And not in a good way, like you hear a song and you say to yourself "wow, that's really awesome." This is a "why are they playing this fucking song all the time, it's terrible!" thing. I appreciate the promotion, I recognize $5 for a footlong sub is not a bad deal. And it was okay when it was just the construction workers and the office ladies singing. Fine. Still not a fan of the song, but I can handle it. But now, you got a whole chorus of random people singing a shitty song, basically repeating "Five Dollar Footlong" over and over and over again (whatever happened to subliminal messenging?) and all the while streamers are flying everywhere and they're dancing around like a bunch of morons over a stupid sandwich? It's too much!

So Subway, if you're listening, STOP IT.



So that's today's post. Hey, they can't all be gems.

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GW said...

The last 2 sentences of your post make this post a gem.