Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh God It's Friday


I mean, thank God.


I have been drinking coffee nonstop today in an attempt to keep myself awake and functioning on an unexpectedly busy day. As a result, every bodily fluid smells like burned coffee. Sweat, saliva, urine. Everything. Also, I have yet to eat anything yet today.

Quick links, quick links... okay:

Museum of Bad Art: has officially made my list for the 'ridiculous places world tour' I will be planning for myself. It's a museum devoted to really bad art. Go check it out for some samples of their collection.

And Also: uh... in sports news the Chicago Bears aquired quarterback Jay Cutler for many draft picks and also their soul. Approximate time until Bears fans start ripping apart their new quarterback? I give him three months.

In Addition: There's... uh... head hurts... so hungry... Um.

Wait, I Know! How about a picture of a monkey strangling a dog?

Yeah! Look at that deadly cold stare.

How's that for a post?

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