Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday: Where I Tender Potential Further Proof of Aforementioned Curse

I know it’s technically a short week, but did it feel longer than usual to anyone else out there? No?

What d’ya got for us today, interwebs?

Proof Positive!

You called down the thunder, Pete Carroll, and now I think if you look out the window of your expensive College Football Mansion you might see storm clouds on the horizon.

Here’s an article about a certain NCAA investigation that may or may not have been prompted by a certain blog post from about a year ago.


Politics? Is It Election Season Again Already?

No it’s not, thank God, so put those sleeping pills away. But for anyone already getting tired of the back and forth over Sotomayor or any of the usual partisan nonsense that goes on in this country, here’s an interesting little article from CNN about why your weak-mindedly rational centrism is being flagrantly ignored.

I’m not suggesting you Vote Nat in 2040. But I am.


What would Friday be without the customary shameless plug?

Measure for Measure. Deets in the side bar. Our motto? “So Shakespeare, It’ll MELT YOUR FACE”*

All right, minions. Go forth and enjoy your weekend.

*Disclaimer: Not the show’s motto. It’s actually more of a threat than a motto but, either way, should not be attributed to the Promethean Theatre Ensemble in any way. Sorry.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hard? Wha...? OH! I get it.

For an excellent example of the Main Stream Media employing sexual innuendo, read and enjoy this article from Time magazine about how the global economy is putting the hurtin' on whoring.

I found the article to be quite stimulating as it aroused my interest. And by that, of course, I mean that it made my nipples erect.

How's THAT for a pleasant mental image?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Where did the month go? Good lord, it's almost June.

Hey, let's catch up a little bit, shall we?

Sorry it's been light reading around here lately. In addition to the incessantly plugged shows going up, we also had a death in the family (my Grandmother, which is why I was gone for most of last week). After that, Memorial Day rolled around and then I've been mopping up around work ever since.

And now here I am, at the end of the month, tired and with a lingering chest thing that I'm trying to Nyquil to death.

So let's see. What's new?

Run, palindrome ,nuR is now closed after what I imagine was a sucessful five week run at Donny's Skybox. I say "I imagine" because I was only really around for the first three weeks. So, unless the theatre was beset by plague for the last two shows and nobody came to the show, I imagine we did all right. Having had the chance to finally watch the whole thing in it's third week, I was very pleased with the way it came out and with the way the actors performed. All 18 of them.

So now that the show is over, I imagine we at RvD will do some post show evaluating and then it's BACK TO WRITING!!

Which will be great. I love the writing process. And I haven't really done any - apart from the usual picking away at a play I may or may not ever finish - ever since we finished writing Palindrome. So I'm looking forward to getting back to that.

In the meantime, the Shakespeare show I'm in just finished up it's second week of performances. I'm quickly rekindling a long lost love: that of Euchre, which a group of us play before every show. It's bordering on pre-show ritual, except I don't think any of us are under the illusion that playing Euchre helps our performances.

Let's see. What else.

Oh, hey! If you're looking for a nerd treat, go check out Star Trek. You've heard it's great from everyone who's seen it, and it is. I don't even like Star Trek and I thought it was great.

Beam me up, blog!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday: Back In Action

Hello my Faithful Readership of Five,

It's good to be back. I was in Michigan (and then briefly back in Illinois only to fly back to Michigan) most of the week tending to personal matters, so apologies if you noticed a lack of postage around these parts.

Let's see. What to talk about....

Hey, How 'Bout Some Reviews? These are for Measure for Measure, the Shakespeare show I'm doing with Promethean Theatre Ensemble. Here is a link to a site with links to several reviews.

The reviews kind of run the gamut from "Highly Recommended" to "Somewhat Recommended" to "Avoid Like The Swine Flu." Yes, there is one that makes a tasteful Swine Flu reference, from a reviewer who is heralded as "intelligent, witty and provocative" by the site that published the review. Man, Swine Flu jokes are, like, so three and a half weeks ago.

So, I don't know. Take them for what you will. The tally is two Highs, one recommended, one somewhat recommended and one not-so-much, proving once again that Theatre Criticism is not a science. Nor an art, really. But, I would say the general response from people has been positive and my girlfriend's mom saw it and didn't publicly decry the show, so that's always a good sign.

No ink was spilled on me specifically however here's a little something for you Nat-ophiles out there, wearing quite possibly the greatest pair of pants I've ever worn.

If you only knew the pride welling up inside me. Unfortunately, those pants did not make the final performance so enjoy the photo while it lasts.

Hey, Speaking of This Show, How About a PLUG!!

Go see the damned thing. Info in the sidebar.

But Wait: How About a SECOND PLUG!!

This one is for Robot vs. Dinosaur's revue: Run, palindrome ,nur, with one FINAL PERFORMANCE TONIGHT at Donny's Skybox. This is your last chance to see it in all of it's 18 person'd cast glory, so get your asses out there. More info can be found in the sidebar.

Hey, have a happy holiday this weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where Have You Been, Nat?!

Relax, Blog.  I still love you.  I just needed to go out of town for a bit.  I'll be back on Friday.

You know I'll always love you, right Blog?



Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday: An End to the Worst Blogging Week Ever

Post count for this week: three, including this post. The other two consisted of (a) a silly picture meant to take the place of, like, an actual blog post and (b) a link to post on another site featuring a silly picture meant to take the place of an actual blog post.

It's probably for the best anyway. Between working nine hours a day and then rehearsing five to six hours every night this week, I have become one tired little puppy. My wit and humor has suffered for it. The normal comedy filter that turns anger and frustration into funny gems has weekend*, and now I just say things like "Yeah, that would be funny if you suck."

The show is going to be great, no doubt in my mind. We just have to get the damned thing up and running and then the rest is gravy. In the mean time, thank God for coffee.

What do we normally do on Friday again...

Ah yes.


Run, palindrome ,nur - two more chances to see this exquisite and subtle piece of comedic wizardry, and one of those chances is tonight. If you've ever wanted to see a masturbating ghost on stage - and I know you have regardless of who you are - now (or next Friday) is your time. Details are in the side bar.

And then, of course, is Measure for Measure! Our preview show is tonight, opener is tomorrow, and Monday is our Press Opening! Details also in the side bar. Come for the culture, stay for the jokes about venereal diseases and unprotected sex!

Oh Shakespeare, you're such a freaking bard, you know that?

*This was a typo that I decided not to correct as it is a great example of a Freudian slip.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Bears!

Further proof that I am in fact phoning it in.

Please be gentle. I'm in tech week for a show.

So tired. Love Bears, give me a hug....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday: Putin on Broadway!

It's Friday. It's spring in Chicago. It's not currently raining. I know what you're thinking: Why not spend some time reading blogs?

I got your drivel right here:

PUTIN SINGS: If you're like me, you have an unnatural obsession with Vladimir Putin, the cold, steely, ex-KGB puppetmaster of the "Republic" of the Russian Federation.

We all know that he could detroy a mountain lion with his frown. But did you know he can sing too?

Young Katya Kazakova was chosen to sing a song in front of the infamous strong man but, upon looking into his icy blue eyes, icy like the Arctic waters, she went into a fear induced trance and became like a lump of quivering jelly.

Putin easily could have swallowed her whole. But, in an uncharacteristic moment of calculated humanity, Putin sang along.

From the previously linked article: "Famous official pictures taken during his presidency showed him fishing with a muscular naked torso that would impress any fitness fanatic while last year he fired a tranquilising dart at a tiger on a trip to the Far East."

How can you not love and simultanously fear this man?


Okay, enough of that. Time for...

PLUG #1: I don't know if you know this (because I talk about it all the freaking time) but we Robots and Dinosaurs happen to have a little sketch show going on tonight. Follow the link, or look at the side bar for more details. If you're there tonight, stop by and say hi to me. I won't be around for next week's show.

Why is that, you ask?

Because of...

PLUG#2: I'm in another show! Measure for Measure, with the Promethean Theatre Ensemble. Details are also on the side bar or follow this link.

I hope you like Shakespeare, or at least sex jokes and venereal disease references, because we are serving up plenty of that.


That's all I got for you people. Enjoy your weekends.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matt Millen Compacts With The Devil

I don't know how else to explain the fact that this dude keeps getting work. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the plight of those sports fans residing in or sympathetic towards the Mitten State, Matt Millen is a character much reviled for ruining a certain organization that shall remain nameless for fear of accidentally invoking the dread Sports Curse of Clever Title fame.

Matt Millen sucks the soul from a young rookie to fullfill his Satanic obligations, shown above. Also, P.S. who needs expensive photoshop when I have Paint for free? SNAP!

After an eight year reign of terror so devestating that it culminated in the worst record ever in the history of the NFL, many of us thought that we would just slink off to a farm in Pennsylvania, where he would hide himself under a fieldstone, never to be seen or heard from again.

Apparently ESPN has other plans for the sports loving world. They are not content with Brett Favre and Manny Ramirez - this week they are going for the Trifecta of Ridiculousness.

This may come as an initial shock. However it does make sense when you consider that both ESPN and Matt Millen share the same agent.

And that agent is the Devil.

For me, the worst part is that he will be commenting on College Football games. Not only is he infesting every facet of football, but ESPN is exposing young and innocent college kids to the vile, corrupting influence of Matt Millen. Won't someone please think of the children?!

Well great. So everyone who loves and enjoyes the watching of football can now be subjected to the dashing moustache, fork'ed tongue and vaunted football expertise of a man responsible for running a certain unnamed franchise into the bedrock. I hope we can all take him seriously as he impresses us with his knowledge.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

America: Stop Freaking Out About Stupid Shit

Hold on a second while I dust off the soap box here for a moment. Take the last bar of soap out... okay. Here we go.

Clearing throat.

What the hell is wrong with us?

We live in the country that beat the British, built the richest, most powerful and technologically advanced country ever known out of a couple of backwater port towns and farms, provided safe haven and gainful employment for immigrants from around the world, defeated the Nazis, went to the moon and created the iPod.

So how the hell did we become a bunch of quivering idiots that freak out and clear the grocery stores of bottled water and purel every time there's a new "crisis."

And by "crisis" I mean a slightly worse flu than the normal flu that people deal with every freaking year.

Swine Flu? Are you people kidding me?!

When did that change in our national character happen? When did we go from handling crisis with strength, resolve and dignity to putting our shoes on a conveyer belt next to our toothpaste every time we want to go anywhere? When did we go from fearing no country and no enemy to fearing the ever present "terrorist" lurking in some unspecified shadows? When did we go from taking pride in making shit on our own with our own hands to wanting everything done for us? When did go from valuing what we earn to spending what we don't have on things that we don't really need?

I mean, does anyone else feel cheated by this? We're supposed to be a great people, with a reputation for valuing freedom and liberty known throughout the world. Now look at us. Our global popularity rises simply because we're not currently bombing anything.

I don't know where this slide started or who is to blame for it. I don't care. I just want people to stop it. We are becoming ridiculous.

Okay. End rant.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday: SHOW SHOW SHOW!!! (gasp) SHOW!!

Hey Friends!

It's Friday, which means today's post is about plugging my show tonight. Take some time out from running to Costco to buy gigantic vats of hand sanitizer used to combat swine flu infected terrorist Somali pirate bankers and their quest to simultaneously destroy the auto-industry and the institution of marriage.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so come be healed! Unless you actually have Swine Flu, in which case please don't come anywhere near us.

Follow the link for the deets!!