Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday: Putin on Broadway!

It's Friday. It's spring in Chicago. It's not currently raining. I know what you're thinking: Why not spend some time reading blogs?

I got your drivel right here:

PUTIN SINGS: If you're like me, you have an unnatural obsession with Vladimir Putin, the cold, steely, ex-KGB puppetmaster of the "Republic" of the Russian Federation.

We all know that he could detroy a mountain lion with his frown. But did you know he can sing too?

Young Katya Kazakova was chosen to sing a song in front of the infamous strong man but, upon looking into his icy blue eyes, icy like the Arctic waters, she went into a fear induced trance and became like a lump of quivering jelly.

Putin easily could have swallowed her whole. But, in an uncharacteristic moment of calculated humanity, Putin sang along.

From the previously linked article: "Famous official pictures taken during his presidency showed him fishing with a muscular naked torso that would impress any fitness fanatic while last year he fired a tranquilising dart at a tiger on a trip to the Far East."

How can you not love and simultanously fear this man?


Okay, enough of that. Time for...

PLUG #1: I don't know if you know this (because I talk about it all the freaking time) but we Robots and Dinosaurs happen to have a little sketch show going on tonight. Follow the link, or look at the side bar for more details. If you're there tonight, stop by and say hi to me. I won't be around for next week's show.

Why is that, you ask?

Because of...

PLUG#2: I'm in another show! Measure for Measure, with the Promethean Theatre Ensemble. Details are also on the side bar or follow this link.

I hope you like Shakespeare, or at least sex jokes and venereal disease references, because we are serving up plenty of that.


That's all I got for you people. Enjoy your weekends.

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