Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday: Where I Tender Potential Further Proof of Aforementioned Curse

I know it’s technically a short week, but did it feel longer than usual to anyone else out there? No?

What d’ya got for us today, interwebs?

Proof Positive!

You called down the thunder, Pete Carroll, and now I think if you look out the window of your expensive College Football Mansion you might see storm clouds on the horizon.

Here’s an article about a certain NCAA investigation that may or may not have been prompted by a certain blog post from about a year ago.


Politics? Is It Election Season Again Already?

No it’s not, thank God, so put those sleeping pills away. But for anyone already getting tired of the back and forth over Sotomayor or any of the usual partisan nonsense that goes on in this country, here’s an interesting little article from CNN about why your weak-mindedly rational centrism is being flagrantly ignored.

I’m not suggesting you Vote Nat in 2040. But I am.


What would Friday be without the customary shameless plug?

Measure for Measure. Deets in the side bar. Our motto? “So Shakespeare, It’ll MELT YOUR FACE”*

All right, minions. Go forth and enjoy your weekend.

*Disclaimer: Not the show’s motto. It’s actually more of a threat than a motto but, either way, should not be attributed to the Promethean Theatre Ensemble in any way. Sorry.

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