Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday: Blows Your Candle... Out...

... That didn't come out quite like I'd hoped.

Hey everybody, it's Friday! And you know what Friday means around here: time to throw out some random links and show plugs and see what sticks.

Could Be Worse. Having a bad day? Things just don't seem to be going your way? Well, at least your house wasn't accidentally bulldozed today, am I right?

Some guy's house was completely demolished, apparently because the demolition experts were given coordinates and not, say, a postal address.

Does the act of finding this somewhat amusing make me a bad person? Or does it make me German? And which is worse?

In The World of Comedy you don't have to apologize for every little freaking thing. Sarah Palin must think differently, as she turns up the heat campaign '08 style on David Letterman to apologize not just to her 14 year old daughter (not the one who has already had a child) but to "young women" as a group. Because a joke that specifies a Palin would obviously offend everyone everywhere.

Hey, remember during the campaign when everyone was constantly apologizing for everything that their advisers said to the point where the campaign became a needlessly bloody slap fest of ridiculousness? Take a moment to be grateful that process is over. For another two years or so.

In related news, Sarah Palin's children have sex out of wedlock.

What Would Friday Be Without some good old fashioned pluggery.

Measure for Measure. Last two shows are tonight and tomorrow. Information is in the post below.

And On a Personal Note today is my birthday. I am 27 years old. I'd like to take this birthday opportunity to thank all of you for spending some time with me by visiting this little old blog.


Jill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAT!!! Hope you have a great day! Jill

Crump said...

I already wished you happy birthday on your damn Facebook page. God! What the frig do you want from me!?

GW said...

Happy birthday!

And careful you don't anger Crump. The man is not afraid of bears.

Unknown said...

Oh, um, late Happy Birthday.