Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday: Wastes Your Time

Well, today is Friday and it’s nice and sunny out which means for those of us stuck inside holy God is today lasting forever or what? Good lord.

Hey, let’s waste some time, shall we?

Twelve Year Old Nat Says AWESOME! One of my cast mates from the show was talking about this television show on Spike TV called Deadliest Warrior. I do not have cable, but shows like this make me desperately want it.

I ask who among you has never wondered who would win in a fight between a Spartan and a Ninja.

Here’s A Bizarre Little Detail from an article about the shocking death of actor David Carradine:

“A member of the emergency crew… told CNN that a yellow nylon rope was tied around the actor's neck and a black rope was around his genitals.”

I’m going to suppress my urge to make a joke about that out of deference to the principle of “too soon” but I’m pretty sure that little detail rules out suicide.

Also, not to self. Avoid Bangkok.

Speaking of South East Asia: A Quick Note to the browser from the Philippines who found this blog by searching “2009 swine flu monkey pirate wikipedia:” welcome. Here you will be loved.

And, Speaking of Blog, I was looking at my list of favorites on the left handed side bar and notices that the last link is from 2007. Which is kind of sad. So, hey readers, if you have a favorite, or a post that you remember mildly liking, or at least one that you don’t hate, leave me a comment and I’ll add said post.

What else?


Unicorn Tattoos? This might be entertaining, right? Let’s click.

Maybe more disturbing than entertaining.

What else?


Oh wait! I know!

Lest I Forget My Obligatory Plug, I have shows tonight, Saturday and Sunday. You have this weekend and next weekend to come see yours truly get his Shakespeare on. Details are in the side bar to your left.

That’s all I got for you. I’m going to get to work figuring out how to make the planet spin faster. Wish me luck.

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